Smart Retailing
Many hours of reading enjoyment await you and your family. Our selection list includes options for just about every general interest, special interest, or hobby. Switch your titles anytime and rest assured you will always be receiving a great entertainment value!
Savings - up to 70% Off
You will be saving many dollars off the retail newsstand prices. The amount of savings can vary according to your selected titles.
Frozen Price
We guarantee our rates to remain the same during your term of service. Regardless of increases in the cost of printing, postage, or rate increases by publishers, your low rates are frozen and guaranteed never to increase during your full term of service.
Never hassle with repeated phone calls and letters to each publisher again! With just one source for all your magazine needs, you can eliminate multiple contacts with just one communication to us for any address change, or service inquiry.
With traditional subscriptions if you or your family have new hobbies or interests, you certainly couldn’t ask a publisher to send you another magazine instead we offer members the title change option as free benefit…. And a valuable benefit, when you consider that your selections will now always fit with your current hobbies and interests!
Pay as you read
Unlike typical subscriptions that require prepayment for service, we allow readers to simply pay each month as you read and enjoy your magazines. We offer the “Pay as you read” feature with no hidden cost, interest or finance charges!
Credit Reference
Feel free to use us a credit reference, a valuable benefit for anyone just starting out or re-establishing credit.
You have our commitment to giving you the best service possible with guaranteed delivery. If you ever miss an issue or receive damaged issues, notify us and your service will be extended to ensure proper credit. Since we do make financial commitments to the publishers, we simply ask members to honor a promise to pay for service that is received.
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